standalone stories

A Fantasy

The shield that protects the kingdom has weakened; the Queen has suddenly died; the powerful cup of the coronation has vanished:  Now, the heir to the throne of the magical realm of Albesh must find the Chalice of Forever before Hell breaks loose to threaten her people.

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Twin tales series

first of series

A passionate pair:

In Graymere Gambit, intrigue abounds and a triangle forms when a duke demands that his rakish heir choose a bride from among the bevy of young ladies invited to the castle.

In Falworth Folly, the sordid past of the companion of a viscountess catches up to threaten her future with a wealthy man.

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A new generation

Tales of suspense and romance entwined:

The Honour of Graymere is at stake when the wounded and delirious son of a duke mistakes a nurse for the woman he loves.

The Fortunes of Falworth take unexpected turns during World War I as Grace Lewis and Andrew MacDonald contend with love, war, and treasonous thieves.

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