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Once Upon A Future Series

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From treason to lockdown lunacy, what is the world coming to?

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Short stories only in print.

First of the Coffee Break Collections, That Christmas Feeling includes two new tales to celebrate the season.

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For those who enjoy fantasy

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For those who prefer e-books, the Quick-Read series can be found through many digital retailers.  Each one stands alone, with its own style and genre.

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Author Allison. M. Azulay writes stories of love and romance, adventure and suspense.  Some are short flash fiction for those with little time to read, and some are novels for leisurely days and quiet evenings.

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Roger Brunt, author:  I have read your book with great interest…I say well done and congratulations.  (Propositions and Proposals)

Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards:  Good title–nice play on Austen.  The cover is too plain, however.  It needs a stronger image to latch on to…The descriptions of setting are lush…You have an ear for dialects and turns of phrase…You do an excellent job of navigating the long Victorian sentences.  They can be rather treacherous…Quite an action scene at p. 231.  Well described.  (Propositions and Proposals print edition)

ST:  Wonderful twin Regency Romance novellas!  Engaging, fast-paced page-turners.  I highly recommend Allison’s writing–we have five of her books at Renfrew Public Library!  (Propositions and Proposals)

Anonymous:  My favourite Canadian author

AS:  5 stars  (Propositions and Proposals)

SJ:  It was wonderful!  I just finished it…LOVED it.  (Propositions and Proposals)

SJ:  I really like this one.  (Worlds Apart)

SJ:  I really liked “Comes a Pale Horse.”

SP:  Can’t wait.  Can’t wait.  [for the sequel to Propositions and Proposals]

SMP:   Well I just finished your book and once again loved it. Both storylines were awesome and always wanting me to read on!  (Fates and Furies)

SP:  I’m really enjoying “The Chalice.”

BT:  I read your book [The Chalice of Forever].  It’s very imaginative.

JH:  I want you to know I really enjoyed The Chalice of Forever.

SJ:  Cool! [Angel and Demona]

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Further, I must thank all who read my books.  You make the effort worthwhile.