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The shield that protects the kingdom has weakened; the Queen has suddenly died; the powerful cup of the coronation has vanished:  Now, the heir to the throne of the magical realm of Albesh must find the Chalice of Forever before Hell breaks loose to threaten her people.


Once Upon A Future

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Crisis of Conscience

What do you do when you discover evidence of high-level treason?

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What's wrong with this picture?

When nothing makes sense anymore, what do you do?

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Do you dare to know truth?

What lies behind your nightmares?

Twin Tales

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A passionate pair

In Graymere Gambit, intrigue abounds and a triangle forms when a duke demands that his rakish heir choose a bride from among the bevy of young ladies invited to the castle

In Falworth Folly, the sordid past of the companion of a viscountess catches up to threaten her future with a wealthy man.

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A new generation

Tales of suspense and romance entwined:

The Honour of Graymere is at stake when the wounded and delirious son of a duke mistakes a nurse for the woman he loves.

The Fortunes of Falworth take unexpected turns during World War I as Grace Lewis and Andrew MacDonald contend with love, war, and treasonous thieves.

Ex Tempore Novels

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The story begins in Scotland.

He came from legendary magic stones.

Some think him demon.  Others call him warrior.  His enemies dub him The Ghost of the Highlands.

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The tale continues...

A foggy night.  A dark alley.  A chance encounter that soon proves…Destined.

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New adventures

Can Time heal?

An age-old question takes on new significance when a widower and his son are plunged into the distant past to find a strange woman, a town from another era, and a world on the brink of disaster.

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From the frying pan to the fire

A dark past. A darker future. And black souls able to kill their opponents before they become enemies. War takes on new dimension when Time becomes a weapon.


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Coffee Break Collection

That Christmas Feeling

This collection is especially for the holiday season and includes two new stories not published in digital form.

The Future of Christmas:  A CEO is about to put hundreds of employees out of work just before Christmas.

Christmas Presence:  A psychic is haunted by a Christmas spirit.

Echoes of Christmas Past:  A story of second chances and new possibilities.

In Heaven and Earth

This volume includes supernatural as well as conventional tales told from unusual points of view.

Her:  A supernatural romance set in the Rocky Mountains, where the survivor of a plane crash encounters a strange woman.

Ancient Worlds and Forgotten Worlds:  Both are included in the e-book Worlds Apart, with Ancient Worlds set in a remote valley of the Himalayas where soldiers battle evil outsiders, and Forgotten Worlds in a South American jungle where soldiers come upon unexpected danger.

Let Me Love You:  A faerie tale of forbidden love.

Fateful Attractions

These tales are May-December romances in rural and small-town settings.

Comes A Pale Horse:  A coming-of-age story set in the early twentieth century, when a stranger changes a young woman’s life.

Bad Twin:  An unexpected romance alters the life paths of a young man and an older woman in this modern tale.

In the Fast Lane

This pair of longer stories is laced with intrigue and suspense.

Karma:  A gigolo finds himself caught in a trap set for a rookie politician.

Cyber Prince Charming:  Social media romance proves dangerous for a young woman.

On Top of the World

This collection includes modern romances spiced with intrigues among the obscenely rich.

The Pact: A billionaire’s woes lead him to make an unusual request.

Penned Princess: The daughter of a powerful industrialist learns lessons in humility when she is banished to a remote farm to experience a life vastly different from her own.

Welcome to Hell

The sixth collection takes a tongue-in-cheek look at what is “normal.”

Angel and Demona: This magical romance is set in a most unusual town.

Little Devils: Growing up in Hell can be hazardous.

Hell’s Belles: A woman fleeing a disastrous relationship discovers her own innate powers when she accidentally wanders into a mystical valley.

The Wrong House: One man’s Heaven is another man’s Hell.

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