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David R. Hawkins

Strictly non-fiction, David R. Hawkins’s works teach us who we really are, where we come from, and what brought us to our current condition, whatever that may be.

Power Vs. Force explains in detail the difference between power and force not just on the political level but on the personal and social, as well. And he presents a tested method of learning the truth of any situation: kinesiology.

I first discovered the method of muscle testing through a holistic chiropractor who used it to determine what caused stresses leading to tension and disease. At the time, I had no idea it could be used to determine whether a statement was true or false, whether a politician’s intentions were honourable, whether a potential action was a life-affirming choice.

Dr. Hawkins reveals the proper technique for testing, the methods that were used to confirm that kinesiology functions with extraordinary accuracy, the few circumstances that can lead to inaccurate conclusions, and the many ways that this type of test can be used.

Further, he describes the various states of consciousness―from shame and guilt to peace and enlightenment―and how people, events, movies, and more can be rated on that scale.

Best of all, assessment using kinesiology makes real personal improvement and positive life changes achievable by any willing to face inner truth. And all who raise their own level of consciousness and energy ultimately raise the levels of all around them, as well.

Have you read about kinesiology? Are you willing to give it a try?