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Design of a website is considered critical to discovery by readers. If that is true, is changing the design occasionally worthwhile? Will readers who happen upon the site be more intrigued by a new look?

And is the author the sort who likes change for its own sake?

Other questions arise: What style suits the writer’s work? Should he or she try to be trendy, choosing backgrounds, images, and colours that are currently in vogue? Should an author scan the sites of other artists and adopt a style that is similar, or different?

Then there is the matter of applying new design features. Is a new theme app easy or difficult to work with? Would an entirely new page builder be advised? And what to do if the site crashes because of incompatabilities? (Better have a backup for the old one.)

And most important of all: Is redecorating the website worth taking time off of writing pursuits?

What would be your choice? To change or not to change?

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