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Perhaps one of the most difficult things to do is to imagine the future. We tend to project the past and the present day into tomorrow and beyond, assuming little will change and what does, only gradually. But history and news broadcasts make plain that life can turn on a dime and change can be thrust upon us in ways previously unthinkable.

Suppose, however, that what we imagine will manifest? Sages say that is how the universe works: The pictures we form will become our reality. And change is the nature of existence.

So, what do we truly want? Do we choose by default, through our fears, a dystopian world of slavery and violence and filth? Or do we imagine a bright world of peace, prosperity, health, and freedom?

What will the days to come look like?

Foul smog and drought or torrential rains and dead vegetation? Or blue skies and sunshine with occasional rain to nourish the plants that grow green and lush?

Putrid liquid sputtering from taps and either empty supermarket shelves or lab-created food full of bugs and unnatural substances? Or clean and plentiful water, and tasty food that is both abundant and nourishing?

Plodding to work for long hours at a meaningless job for minimum wage while under constant surveillance and threat of a lowered “social score” that would result in even lower wages? Or freedom to engage in interesting work for satisfactory pay, and to live and travel where one chooses?

How do you see the future?

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