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Social media have spawned a new kind of imagery: memes; that is, slogans or statements or questions printed on pictures, the latter either static or part of a video that may include music. They can be used as ads for any product or service. They can promote or disparage an idea or an organization or a person. They are useful both commercially and politically. And they are proliferating everywhere.

Indeed, there are sites online that offer images on which to type whatever brief message you desire. Some of these are free, some require payment.

Or, with an image manipulation program (like GIMP, Adobe Express, Canva, or the many others now available) and personal or stock photos or drawings, you can create your own original memes and videos to post on a website or on social sites.

Do you meme? Would you like to try it?

[Base photo courtesy of rawpixel of; music photo courtesy of Pezibear of]