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Romance books specifically evoke emotion; that is part of their appeal for many and what repels others.  In my experience, men in general and academics in particular often dismiss the Romance genre for that reason.  But many of us, male or female, young or old, educated or unschooled, are unafraid to laugh out loud at what is termed Chick Lit, and undaunted by the tears that flow while reading a poignant passage in a Romance or Paranormal Romance.

The racing heart provoked by a Horror or Thriller or Crime Drama or Suspense tale is exactly why we choose those genres.  And many Romances include a little heart-stopping action along with the weep-worthy moments.

Do you laugh or cry when you read?  Do you bite your nails or clench your belly at exciting stories?

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  1. Sandra Jarvis

    Yes, I do sometimes, and I LOVE books that bring out strong emotional reactions.

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