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Once in a while, you come across something so profound you can never be quite the same after reading it. Such a book is The New Blueprint For Humanity found on its own website and through In it are solutions to every major problem facing our society today.

With a preface by internet radio-show host Thomas Williams, the book was put together by a motivated group of people who want to change the world. And instead of just complaining or talking about all that is wrong, like politicians, pundits and media talking heads, they actually came up with a plan.

Is it ambitious? You bet. Is it doable? Yes.

What it takes is the will of the people who get little or nothing from the system as it currently exists―in other words, from the majority of the people, from everyday folks like you and me.

Granted, change is uncomfortable for most of us who live by the saying “better the devil you know than the one you don’t.” But why must we put up with devils at all? We’re better than that. We deserve better, or at least our children and children’s children deserve better, even if we believe, deep down, that we do not.

Go ahead. Read it. Let it rock your world. More importantly, let it give you the hope and direction so many of us have lost. And then decide how to implement the plan and to improve on it.

These can be exciting days, if we let ourselves dream and thrive instead of merely keeping our heads down and struggling to survive.

The choice belongs to each of us. Are you in?