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Over and Over

Some think it absurd to read a book more than once. Others reread because they forgot they have already read it. And another group simply enjoys the same tale again and again.

I admit I fall into all three categories from time to time. Most often, I read a book only once. On occasion, I have forgotten I read it already (though that did not stop me from enjoying it the second time through). One needed an extra read just to clarify the complex story that begged a closer look. And a few books I have reread several times because I savoured the tale and/or the writing style so much.

One book I have read again and again is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Like many fans, I am drawn back to the story repeatedly. Is it escapism? Maybe. Is it Ms. Gabaldon’s writing style? Definitely.

Similarly, I have read and reread books by Will North and Diana Palmer, enthralled by the tales. Karen Marie Moning, too, writes unforgettable stories.

So, while most books get only one pass, a few are compelling enough to read at least once more. And I expect that most of us are captivated by one or two of the books we’ve happened upon.

Do you ever read a book more than once?