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There’s action and then there’s…action

Once upon a time, sex in fiction was rare.  Nowadays, most Romance stories, and many others, contain at least a hint of sex, before and/or after the wedding.  The quantity and degree of explicit detail determines whether the tale is Romance or Erotica.

“Clean Romance” or “Wholesome Romance” keeps the couple chaste.  But the majority of Romances contain at least one description of lovemaking, from vague to graphic, as a portion of the plot.  Erotica, on the other hand, centres the entire tale around the sex and the sex is uncensored.  Indeed, some Erotica goes not for what most would consider “normal” foreplay and intercourse but various degrees and types of kinky copulation.

As for access by readers:  Some book depositories refuse even mildly erotic stories.  But most retailers offer Erotic Romance if not outright Erotica.

What do you think of sexual content in novels?

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  1. Sandra Jarvis

    I am comfortable with the sexual content in books like Diana Gabaldon’s series, but am not interested in erotica. I like to read a story, not just about sex.

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