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Authors’ Politics

Warnings to authors to keep their politics quiet proliferate, these days.  I suppose some fear that other authors and followers will shun them on social and agents and publishers may drop them for expressing views.

But if you think about it, an author’s politics are often clear in their works.  George Orwell comes to mind, accurately predicting the increasingly blatant tyranny of the self-styled ruling classes (the robber barons dating back to prehistory).  Indeed, alternative news channels are revealing horrific results of deep investigations, findings that make Orwell’s prophecies and stories like 1984 seem tame by comparison to the terrifying truths now coming out.

So, being a thinking person, as creative individuals tend to be (which is why we are marginalized by “conservatives” and “neocons” and “liberals” alike – meaning old rich elites and sycophants of old rich elites – or outright persecuted by dictatorial governments), I believe in the American ideal of free speech, battered though it may be these days.  How else are ideas and ideals to be disseminated and explored but by sharing them?

In my opinion, no one should curb their desire to express themselves just to please others or to toady to tyrants promoting false “political correctness” and social-engineering propaganda.  By all means, speak out!  And if you disagree with others, at least give them the courtesy of listening to what they have to say.  If you find yourself changing your mind, be grateful for the opportunity to use your brain cells.  If, on the other hand, you manage to convince others to agree with you, be grateful for having made your point clearly.  Then again, if no one budges, all need to step back, agree to disagree, and continue to study the issue with as open a mind as possible.

What do you think of “political correctness” and other forms of censorship?  How do you feel about freedom of speech?

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