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Bad Boys

Romances are not the only tales in which the characters are less than perfect.  Indeed, if they were perfect, there would be no story.

But the bad boy who falls for the good girl and reforms because he loves her is an enduring theme in the Romance genre.  Many of us women are drawn to the slightly dangerous (but not abusive) guy whose sex appeal is magnetic.  The ideal is not to domesticate the wild one, but to tame him just enough that he keeps coming back, forever loyal, while retaining that sexy feral edge.

And he doesn’t even have to be handsome.  Just oozing animal attraction.

On the other hand, the sweet, kind, toe-in-the-sand boy-next-door type (who also has plenty of sex appeal) is favoured by many women.

What sort of hero do you go for?  Do you like the bad boy or do you prefer the sweet boy next door?

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  1. Sandra Jarvis

    I like the sweet, kind fellows in books and on television and movies.

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