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Becoming a writer

Many writers have university degrees, established careers in the literary world, or experience in professions or opportunities to travel that provide a background for their writing.  On the other hand, I have attained no higher education or exotic experience or employment that would give me credibility in the publishing industry.  Nor have I traversed the globe.  I have simply read many books in a variety of genres, watched many television shows and movies, and generally observed others’ interactions and my own reactions.

Thus, I can claim no expertise—not even great knowledge of language and grammar.  Indeed, I write with dictionaries and thesauri and grammar books handy (though I may not consult the last as often as I should).  Moreover, I am hampered by a memory that refuses to retain the meanings and proper use of many words, necessitating repeated perusal of reference books.  And my access to research materials is limited.  Nevertheless, I write.  And write.  And, according to several of my readers, I manage to make an enjoyable tale.

The bottom line?  We should pursue our passion. Impediments should not stop us from doing what gives us joy, what we feel inspired to do.  Rather than compare ourselves with others, we must simply do the best we can and not give up even if we think we don’t measure up.

What inspires you?

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