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Change of Habits

To now, my blog has contained weekly posts. But life is changing and I need more time for other projects; so, I’ll be posting less often from here on out, unless I get a bee in my bonnet urging me to put a few thoughts together.

But before I go, I wish to give a shout out to a number of fellow authors.

M. D. Cooper has a Sci-Fi series called Rika’s Maurauders. I caught Rika Outcast some time back, and found it took the reader on a wild ride through the galaxy.

Lesley L. Smith wrote a space opera called A Jack By Any Other Name. This one combined humour, sex, and action for a very entertaining read.

Anne Stephenson’s Revenge with a Twist comprises three short mysteries that take one in unexpected directions.

Jesper Schmidt’s first novel, Desolation, is a fantasy that begins the Keystone Bone series.

Dazzled is one of the instalments of J. K. Harper’s Dragon Mates series and makes shape-shifting dragons sympathetic and appealing.

The Butter Witch by Tess Lake introduced me to the Torrent Witches Cozy Mysteries and inspired a witchy tale of my own.

Loving the Marquess, part of the Landing a Lord series by Suzanna Medeiros, takes us back in time to share adventures with a lovely young woman and a mysterious aristocrat.

And No Prince Charming by Angel Payne and Victoria Blue reveals a few of the Secrets of Stone.

Up to now, most of my Authors posts have featured well-established writers and older books I finally had a chance to read. I hope the above will introduce authors and series that become favourites.

For the present, I wish all health and happiness and a bright future. And perhaps if you check back now and then, I’ll have a few more cents’ worth to say.

Till then….