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Creative Blocks

Most blocks to creativity are internal; that is, they stem from our inhibitions and fears. And where do those inhibitions and fears come from? In my experience and observation, they arise when people tell us, in our childhood and beyond, who they think we are. As youngsters, we take what others say about us for cash and incorporate it into our self-image. Even later, others’ opinions of us can have a negative effect on our view of ourselves, try as we might not to let that happen.

I do not consider myself brilliant in any way. While I do not recall any specific incident or words that made me feel limited in capability, such influences are hiding somewhere in my brain and colouring how I see myself and what I think I can and cannot do.

We all have such impediments, even people who seem brilliant to the rest of us. But any sort of creativity or success requires pushing past those blocks to the best of our ability. That, I believe, is the point of the old fable about the tortoise and the hare: Marching on despite all that weighs us down eventually gets us to the finish line.

How do you feel about your own creativity? What blocks seem insurmountable to you? How do you motivate yourself to keep going?

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