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Some of my friends and acquaintances express a belief that I “could be famous.”  Do I want to be famous?  Not particularly.  But being successful is not necessarily about fame.  Nor is it even about vast wealth (although gaining enough money to cover costs and make a comfortable living would certainly be welcome).

For me, knowing that many people enjoy my stories equals success.  So, if you, viewing this, choose to read my short stories or novels or both, great! And if you should leave a review or comment, I would appreciate your input.

Do you follow any particular authors and snap up everything they write? Do you often pick up books by unfamiliar authors?

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  1. Sandra Jarvis

    I love reading books by Nancy Thayer and Susanna Kearsley. They are both good story tellers, and I find when I am near the end of their books, I slow down in my reading because I don’t want the story to end.

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