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A cross between Fantasy and Thriller might describe this genre.  Zombies and other nasty mythical creatures are often featured as the plague that we ordinary humans must escape, if not destroy.  Sometimes the baddies are demons, sometimes cannibals, always powerful and dangerous, whether single or numerous.

Personally, this is a genre I rarely read or, in the case of videos, watch.  Long ago, a Vincent Price movie cured me of the desire to be scared out of my wits.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of people who eagerly seek such stimulation.  And others who simply find the genre hilarious.

Do you enjoy horror books and flicks?

[Thanks to Lothar Dieterich of Pixabay for the featured image.]

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  1. Sandra Jarvis

    Don’t enjoy at all, books or movies.

    1. Allison Azulay

      In truth, neither do I. But tastes differ.

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