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The Long and the Short

Common wisdom says that posts should be long, crammed with anecdotes and information and pictures.  And for some types of blogs, that would make sense.  Anyone trying to impart information would include all necessary data and instructions, as appropriate, and might include tables, charts, drawings, photos, and stories of personal experience.  Sales sites would also jam their pages with encouragement, from descriptions of the product or service to customer reviews.

For my own blog, though, I see no reason to rack my brain to write long posts if I have little to say on a topic.  In fact, I prefer succinct posts on others’ blogs, as well, because I do not wish to spend all day online.  My mantra in both reading and creating posts would be:  Keep it simple, keep it short, and include all relevant information.

So, as you may have noticed, most of my blog contains brief posts on a subject that happened to matter to me at the time of writing.  My opinion may not coincide with yours, or with the public generally, but a blog is basically, at its heart, an editorial piece.  You can take it or you can leave it.

If you enjoy my blog, by all means, “Y’all come back, now.”

Do you enjoy long articles or do you prefer a quick read?

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  1. Sandra Jarvis

    I would say it depends on the article and my level of interest in the subject.

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