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It’s frustrating to find mistakes after publishing. And somehow they get through. The most aggravating to me was discovering that I had inadvertently labelled chapters improperly, doubling Chapter 3, and had missed it not just in editing, but in the publishing process–twice!

E-books can be quickly revised and uploaded when relatively small (but noticeable) errors require correction. But print books are permanently flawed and the cost of a second edition can be prohibitive.

Not only independent publishers but major companies put out books with mistakes in them. Even a well-established and popular author can find that a typo slipped through despite multiple rounds of editing by many different people.

But such is the life of a writer.

Are you aggravated by mistakes in a book you are reading? Do you often find errors in the books you buy or borrow?

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  1. Sandra Jarvis

    I often find mistakes in books. I was always good at spelling and grammar, so I usually notice errors right away. It doesn’t bother me, or put me off the book, but I can imagine it would be very frustrating for an author.

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