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Paranormal easily describes most stories of fantasy and magic, but tales of ghosts or psychic phenomena are a niche of their own most associated with the term.  Eerie and often frightening, these stories feature ordinary human beings and thus can hit a little too close to home for some readers.  Who wants to face the harmful games of a poltergeist or be plagued by horrific visions while being powerless to prevent the catastrophes foretold in dreams?

Yet there are many who avidly read books in the Paranormal genre and watch television shows and movies featuring ghosts or people with psychic powers.

Paranormal Romance is somewhat different in that it is primarily a Romance with Fantasy elements, such as a ghostly presence or an otherworldly lover in an otherwise ordinary setting.

Have you ever encountered a ghost?  Do you get visions of future events?

[Thanks to Pete Linforth of Pixabay for the featured image.]