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Political Correctness

Real writers don’t do woke. Why? Because wokeness is a thought-police mind meme introduced through the equally tyrannical political correctness craze that is nothing more than a control mechanism of those who would be king (or queen).

Totalitarian creep has been an ongoing invasion of societies the world over, orchestrated by a group that has long been imposing its world domination agenda by stealth. And no, I am not speaking of the white race that is the primary target of wokeness. If you actually bother to investigate historical events―as difficult as that may be, thanks to this cartel that burns libraries and community records offices, alters scriptures and other books, controls mass media and the Hollywood dream machine, and generally stifles truth at every opportunity―when you go down that rabbit hole you find the same group behind every evil the white race is accused of.

Don’t get me wrong: I do not doubt there have been stupid whites who took part in all manner of nefarious activities. But they did so alongside fools of every race, bowing to the dictates of the true threat to humankind.

We have all heard the tales of book-burning by the Nazis, who we’ve been conditioned to believe were whites of Germany. But the truth is that only books promoting perversion were banned, not burned, and those books were being written by members of the above-mentioned cartel to promote the various harmful and downright disgusting practices that have since been rolled out under the banner of wokeness.

The wokeness propaganda serves the ideology of creatures so empty that no amount of money or power over others or physical gratification in any form can ever fill it. But that does not justify the harm they cause, nor does compassion for such pitiable beings negate the need to put a stop to their actions once and for all.

Wokeness and all forms of political correctness are just that: political. It’s time we wake up to reality and learn to value the diverse talents that each human being brings to the whole, rather than the perversions promoted by those who despise us all and use us solely for their own gain.

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