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In my not-so-humble opinion, political correctness is a scam.  It was designed for intimidation and control and is a common tactic used by tyrannical regimes past to present and all over the world.  Thought policing is a tool of those who demand absolute power over a populace, and it often goes hand in glove with brainwashing of children to produce a citizenry that is unquestioningly obedient.  In other words, slaves.

Writers and other artists are among the first impacted by any form of censorship.  After all, creative pursuits require imagination and mental freedom.  And imagination and mental freedom are viewed by despots and other control freaks as a sort of anarchy.  Creative individuals, including inventors and philosophers as well as authors and artists and performers, think “outside the box”―a habit by no means encouraged by those who want to corral the minds of the people in order to keep everyone compliant.

Proponents of political correctness claim it is meant to promote inclusiveness and tolerance.  Instead, it actively divides.  Calling someone a “nigger” or a “person of colour” produces the same effect:  It points to a difference.  Other words for other types of people similarly result in separation, not inclusion.  And the purpose is clear:  Divide and conquer.  Keep people at one another’s throats so they won’t pay attention to evils that go on under their very noses.

Although it is true that words can cause offence, in the final analysis offence must be taken. If it is not taken, the words have no effect.  And we each have the choice what we decide offends us.  Personally, I am offended by “political correctness” and the false accusations of “hate speech” flung at ordinary people while those who openly promote hate and violence are coddled and encouraged in their malice.  Most especially, I am offended by the purposes of those who promote mind control and censorship.

I choose to think for myself.  How about you?

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  1. Sandra Jarvis

    I have always hated “control”.

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