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Where do you read?

Much is made of what we read: fiction or nonfiction, genres or types within each of those, in print or digital form, as books or articles or blogs. But what about where you read? Do you prefer to read in bed, on the couch, in a special chair? Do you read outside in the yard or at a beach? Do you restrict your reading to interior spaces where light can be controlled? Do you take your books or tablet with you to read in restaurants, waiting rooms, or bus stops?

Each place has benefits and disadvantages. For example, sitting outside provides fresh air and sunshine, but the light may be too strong to read for more than a half-hour or so. Restaurants and waiting rooms have distractions, allowing little time to devote to reading. Bedtime may work in terms of a cosy space to read, but many people fall asleep with the light or tablet on, or may annoy others who share the room. A chair or couch is certainly comfortable for sitting, but holding up a book―especially a heavy one―may prove difficult indoors and downright vexing outdoors if wind whips the pages. And e-readers come with warnings to keep them at a “safe” distance to avoid harm from radiation.

Personally, I like to read at a desk. It is not so comfortable for sitting, but I can keep print-book pages flat and keep e-reader devices on a flat surface and at a distance.

Where is your favourite place to read?

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