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What’s the point?

When you think about it, the majority of Romance tales are fables expressing a lesson.

Most stories, by my observation, show the angst and problems that occur without clear communication. Learning to be vulnerable and learning to trust are also common themes. And the trust imperative applies to oneself, to one’s heart and inner knowing, even more than to others. The head can be fooled, the heart cannot.

Around me, I see many examples in real life of people who fail to communicate. Some think they are protecting a loved one, but leave that person in constant anxiety. Some think they are avoiding conflict, but inevitably things blow up because of incorrect assumptions on one or both sides. Some are secretive because they are actually dishonest, but sooner or later the truth comes out.

While many people dismiss books, and especially Romance novels, as a frivolous waste of time, I see them as a way to learn from the mistakes of others. Not reinventing the wheel over and over leaves room for edification that requires hands-on experience to be understood and assimilated. And every lifetime has a few of those, lessons unique to each individual.

Of course, other genres present personal and moral dilemmas, as well.

What is your preferred method of vicarious experience and learning?

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