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Publishing is a gamble

The sheer volume of titles on retailers’ and publishers’ sites, as well as in brick-and-mortar stores, is an indication of the difficulties inherent in trying to get books before readers.  The number of articles, books, and sites out there promoting “How to Publish” and “How to Market” reinforces the truth that a given book and a given author’s or self-publisher’s work is up against fierce competition.  The odds of success are therefore limited.

That is why few get rich as authors and many publishing houses struggle to stay afloat.  Even those well-known writers whose list of titles is impressive often have a “day job” such as teaching or a sideline such as offering online courses or writing software as a means to actually make a living.  And big publishing houses shred a lot of books that never get sold.

The fact is that writing and independent publishing are a gamble that stands little chance of paying off and, in many cases, costs a great deal more than it ever brings in even if one tries every marketing trick available.  So, writing must be a passion that keeps on motivating regardless of rejection letters from agents and publishers, regardless of the low income from self-publishing, and regardless of the lack of readership.  If you aren’t willing to lose consistently, there is no point in tossing the dice.

Does writing get you out of bed in the morning?  Do story ideas keep you awake at night?  Do you press on even in the face of criticism?

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  1. Sandra Jarvis

    Story ideas have come to me mostly in my sleep, and I have written down what I can remember.

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