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Time to read

Some of my friends and acquaintances have expressed an inability to “find the time” to read, or a lack of “the motivation” to read, or difficulty recalling the story line from one reading session to another.  My Quick-Read series came about because I realized that many might prefer short stories.  And the fact that such brief tales are known in Australia as “beach reads” and elsewhere as “flash fiction” reinforced the need for short reads that most can finish in a few hours.

So, if you want something to fill the time while you wait for the doctor (or dentist), or lie in the sun to soak up the rays, or lounge by the pool or on a plane with nothing to do, perhaps you could buy, borrow, or otherwise avail yourself of my own or other authors’ mini novels.

Have you tried filling empty hours with short stories?

[Thanks to Brock for the featured image.]

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  1. Sandra Jarvis

    After many years of sitting waiting in the car, or in an office where I have an appointment, I finally smartened up and decided to take a book along with me. It is such a simple solution to the boredom. I read at night as it is quiet and I am able to concentrate on the book, and it also helps me to fall asleep better. I can forget about life’s problems as I read, and eventually my eyes get heavy and I can go to bed and sleep well.

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