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Writer’s Lifestyle

There are many advantages to being a writer: having a creative outlet, learning all manner of interesting facts while doing the research for a project, exploring one’s own mind and emotions, being able to work at home, perhaps even gaining an income that more than equals your expenses (there is always that hope).

The downside is the sedentary nature of the writer’s lifestyle. Writing and reading take up a great deal of one’s time and most research is done online or in libraries or through interviews. Weekends, vacations: More often than not, these too are spent reading or writing or researching.

Add in household chores, and it can be difficult to get out of the house.

Exercise is something that has to be scheduled, and for those of us who have always been bookworms, it may be considered drudgery rather than a pleasant diversion. Even just going for a walk can seem too much trouble, especially in harsh climates or in cities where violence is commonplace.

But getting out, visiting friends, and working out the kinks accumulated from hours sitting at a desk is a necessity for health of mind as well as of body. So, all of us who work on our butts all day need to make the effort.

Do you have a sedentary job? Do you play sports or otherwise exercise your body?

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