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One of the issues that can plague an author is the discovery of historical inaccuracies that affect a book already written and published. It’s bad enough to find that the reference books one has used contained mistakes. But to discover that history, as a whole, has been altered so dramatically that it bears no relation to the actual facts is deeply disturbing on a personal level, and beyond vexing on the professional. The basis of entire stories proving to be false leaves one suspended between laughing and weeping.

The work of most science fiction and fantasy writers may not be affected, but certainly anyone who has based a novel―or a non-fiction book, for that matter―on history now seen as fraudulent will be outraged to discover the swindle. The story may stand on its own merit, but the background and perhaps the events of the plot may now be wrong.

But that is exactly what is happening. Virtually everything we have believed to be true is not. And the truth that has been all but erased will shock many to their core as it is made public and disseminated to all the world. While it is not for me to reveal the reality of which most have no clue (my knowledge of it being newfound and limited), I hint at what is coming as I bewail not having learned true history sooner, and stand frustrated by the impact on my work to date.

Ah, well. My books will join those of far more prolific and better-known authors as relics of a time of imposed ignorance. But I can hope the tales themselves will stand the test of time.

Keep a look out. Earth-shattering revelations are on the way in our world. And you can bet those who have controlled media on all levels will not be the truthsayers.

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